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he one thing that I am absolutely % sure of in investing. And there arent too many things Im % sure of. But the thing Im % sure of is the less you pay to the purveyor of the investment service or the investment product, the more there will be for you, the investor. Wealthy Arent Doing Better  Forbes: Good point. Now the wealthy, or supposedly sophisticated investors, weve seen huge rise of hedge funds, equity funds and the , new classes of instruments. Again, is that a ticket to above average or at the end of the day are they going to turn out to be average Malkiel: The average hedge fund is, unfortunately, just average or below average because the fees of the hedge fund managers, its pretty hard to make money for yourself. I
ugg leather boots very well, so take some money out of the bond funds and put them into equity funds.  When you were talking before about putting a significant part of your portfolio into emerging markets, how do you define significant That seems to be a number that varies widely across the Street.  Heres a guide: The U.S. is only a little over % of the world economy. So I would first of all say that at least half of your money ought to be overseas. Secondly, with respect to being overseas, the emerging markets are at least half just in terms of their GDP, their economic importance is at least half of nonU.S. markets. So just as a rough rule of thumb with ones equities, because this will give you the percentage that Im in and that Ive recommen
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 ally. The unemployment rate might peak at close to % in Q , almost two years after the recession began. However, the hiring freeze across industries that began in late will continue at least until , causing discouraged workers to leave the work force and containing the extent of the spike in the unemployment rate. Further, the decline in labor utilization will add to the deflationary pressure in the economy. An aging labor force, lower capital spending and potential growth over the next few years might also result in lower productivity growth and an increase in the natural rate of unemployment. Capital Expenditure  Firms have been drawing down inventories beginning in Q . As the slump in domestic and foreign demand and difficu
ugg boots women an perspective, it is hard to build anything?Cbridges, roads, schools and hospitals?Cwithout money.To do business, to sell palm oil or flowers or coffee, African small firms need money to buy seeds, fertilizer, tractors and trucks. To an African government official trying to complete a paved road to an airport or a struggling farmer in need for a loan to expand his overseas coffee sales, Chinese assistance is probably a godsend. At the highest government level, the official multilateral organization between African states and the Peoples Republic of China is the Forum on China?CAfrica Cooperation FOCAC.Over the past decade there have been four meetings. In in Beijing, Chinese President Hu Jintao convened with top representativ
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